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Addecd on March 21, 2011

We are a Christian company dedicated to finding Christian Clothing. We must come clean…we have owned a Christian clothing company before but we didn’t do to well.

We tried to combine a ministry with a business. That is like mixing water and oil…it did not go to well. We are considering trying again but before we do we want to look around and comment on things we see. We are not perfect but we serve someone who is, was and one day again be.(not sure that made sense)

We hope you like the discussions here but can’t be sure it will always be wonderful but it will not lack passion. We need for you to know we hate Satan and try to kick him in the teeth every chance we get. That is why we will end each post with James 4:7. In order to make Satan flee you must first submit to God.

Many believers do not submit they only quote “resist the devil and he will flee”. No he will not! We also don’t try to “defeat” Satan, that in our opinion has already been done at the cross. We are trying to kick him out of our life and out of the lives of friends and family.

We believe God has given us clothing as a tool to use to help us accomplish this and so we will dive into the use and strategy of using clothes to help “seek and save” that which is lost.

Until next time remember…Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)


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